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Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Season 2 feature

If you haven’t watched this season, there are spoilers.  Also – you should watch it.

Kimmy at a computer!
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Once again, it’s time to post about season 2 of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, and I’m feeling down.  The world is just so messed up in so many ways and it breaks my heart.  But I can’t put off posting this again.  That’s silly.  So instead, I’m going to think of this show as an opportunity for relaxation and decompression in a world where those are sore needed.

Titus plays the Bedbugs! piano!
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I have a very wide-ranging sense of humor.  I can “get” fancy-schmancy stuff like Shakespearean comedies, but sometimes you just want something absurd and silly.  Sometimes you don’t know how much you want that absurd and silly thing.  Last year as I packed my things for a big move, I would get tired and give up on the packing every once in a while.  Kimmy became my go-to avoidance technique.  It was perfectly bite sized – episodes ranging from 22-30 minutes – and excellent at taking my mind away from the stresses of putting all my belongings in boxes.  But this year has been busy with another move and events seemingly every weekend.  So despite premiering back in mid-April, I didn’t get around to seeing what Kimmy was up to until just recently.  That’s ok – I did better than I did with Daredevil…or will do with Daredevil season 2.

Firstly, I think Tina Fey is a genius.  This show makes me think of Seinfeld in its glory days, the way that things seem to circle around to connect things from the beginning of episodes to the end.  Kimmy Goes to a Hotel! is particularly good at this with everything coming back to a theme.

Kimmy on a roller coaster!
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In general, this show is relentlessly bizarre, bright and cheerful.  The fact that Kimmy is constantly dressed in bright primary color is probably meant to show how she’s emotionally stuck as a teenager, but it also helps to distinguish her from the normal people who are living normal, sadder lives.  It also makes me wonder how Kimmy and Titus (and Lillian too) even manage to survive in New York City?  I suppose because it’s a city of weirdos, and they all happen to have the things that each other needs, which means that if any of them fell out of their living arrangements, it would all go belly up.  But I think you could barely scrape up one persons worth of common sense between the three of them, but they make it work.

Kimmy and her therapist!
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Kimmy as an Uber driver is hilarious.  Especially since it leads her to meeting Tina Fey’s character.  Tina is as always, terrific – especially since last season she was a Marcia Clark send-up.  I seriously hope that we get a new recurring character from her every season.  But Fey’s Andrea is here to help Kimmy confront the demons that manifest themselves in a weird burping that is reminiscent of Robert Durst…who also makes appearances this season in the form of a Fred Armisen impression.  And Fey plays the character as a sort of Jekyll-and-Hyde drunkard who is TERRIFIC.

Titus has a boyfriend!
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We also get the joy of Titus getting the most macho New York-stereotype boyfriend, who it turns out is terrific, and thoughtful, and has a wonderfully accepting family (which is infuriating to Titus who wanted drama!).

Jacqueline's story is problematic!
© 2016 – Netflix

Yes – it’s a problematic show.  Race isn’t handled in the best possible way, especially the storyline involving Jacqueline White and her quest to return to New York’s elite while promoting Native issues.  Yes, the character of Dong is…well, he’s cute, and he and Kimmy are cute together.  But ack!  Despite all this, it’s a fun show.  It’s one of the few where I find myself honestly laughing out loud.  And in times when things are tough to handle, and the world is difficult to think about…laughter is an important refuge.

Details: Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, 2 seasons airing on Netflix

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