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  • Movie – Zootopia


    Have we established yet that I’m a little behind on watching movies that aren’t related to the Oscars?  Like, occasionally a year behind?  Well, I recently went on vacation, and the best part about a long plane ride – especially one where you’re trying to stay awake – is that you can take advantage of […]

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  • Restaurant – Hank’s Pasta Bar

    Hank's Pasta Bar Logo

    For so many parents, it is the bane of their existence to serve pasta to their children.  Not because pasta isn’t delicious, but because so many children get stuck in a beige-food rut where pasta is the food of choice for years straight, and that gets wearisome.  Also – rainbow colored foods (vegetables!) are important […]

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  • Book – Moth

        I do not have a method for choosing what books I’m going to read next.  So often it’s what I’m interested in at the very moment, and what comes available when I’ve put a hold on something through my library Overdrive account.  If I don’t have a book that I’m currently listening to […]

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  • Comics – Saga


    For a lot of newbies out there, getting into comics is scary.  Comic book shops have historically been dens of comfort for nerds, and because the guys who are into comics will spend good money there, it is those guys who have been there since time immemorial that are catered to, even though the face […]